We are a growing Creative Agency.

Your brand is your most important asset, we understand the importance of creating a reliable and consistent brand.

A little about us

GM Marketing is a marketing company that is committed to providing a high standard of campaign execution for a wide range of industries. We operate on the belief that as a business owner, you want to know that your marketing campaigns are not only taken care of but are also going to produce increased income or awareness of your brand, this is why all of our campaigns come from a science-backed perspective.
We have gathered ten years of research that enable us to develop marketing campaigns that are both pleasing to the masses and to your individual consumer. Our research is developed from a mix of qualitative and quantitive data research that has been tested through both real-world and controlled environments. Goude Mind was founded in 2018 starting as a company that provided psychometric tests to recruitment companies.
The research that was gathered over a ten-year period was able to be applied towards marketing for businesses across the UK, we began by marketing primarily within the hospitality industry and then branched out into events marketing and the engineering industry.
Today we have a strong workforce that has been applying psychological methods to marketing, using ten years’ worth of research and developing more right along the way.

Our Story

We began our journey into marketing in 2015 starting a small design operation called “Goude Designs”, following a stint of personal successes, we decided to move into science-backed marketing, where we would take the latest in psychological research and develop these methods into marketing campaigns.
Psychological Marketing has been used prominently within the last 100 years and has been used in a wide range of industries. We have gathered as much research as possible over the last ten years to back our campaign and demonstrate that human behavior can be managed when marketing your brand.
We have always had a passion for science beginning in holistic treatments such as; hypnotherapy, we have also had a wild passion for pseudo-sciences which led us into the beginning of the research of psychology and consumer behavior.
We decided to specialize in digital marketing, but we very rarely limit our marketing campaigns to the confines of a screen.

Why is marketing so important?

Your marketing campaigns are critical to the way in which your contacts grow, we concentrate on a mixture of organic and paid growth to ensure your business is both word of mouth and the next big thing.

People need to be in love with your brand and you need to stand out from the crowd to ensure that your target audience is being reached, social media has become the inexpensive and one of the most effective marketing strategies of the 21st century.

Marketing is your storefront, your website has become the 21st storefront and acts as a window into your business, your brand and your dedication to your brand ensures that your customers see integrity within your business.

The main reason why your marketing campaign is important is for growth, all businesses, whether they are big or small want to see some growth throughout the year, your marketing campaigns can ensure that your growth is steady and constant.